AP Gazette JAC demands cancellation of PRC GOs!

As the Andhra Pradesh Finance Department had reported the directed the DDOs and concerned officials to process the bills for the salaries and pensions for the employees for February, the Gazette Officers JAC had made its stand clear on the PRC issue.

Andhra Pradesh Gazette Officers JAC Chairman K.V. Krishnayya urged that the government orders on the PRC issue should be canceled. Demanding the cancellation of the GOs, he said that the JAC leaders will not attend the meeting with the government.

Talking to the media on the fight against the PRC recommendations, the JAC Chairman said that they will decide on their further course of action after the High Court gives its verdict on the issue. As the issue is pending with the High Court, we cannot talk about this more, he said.

As the PRC issue was transferred to the division bench by the High Court of Andhra Pradesh recently, the JAC leader said that they are confident of getting justice in the issue from the court. We will keep fighting for the demands, he said.

The employees are fighting against the PRC recommendations and they are fighting for the demand that the salaries should be given as per the previous PRC recommendations. However, the government is strong in imposing the new recommendations.
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