Is this the reason the Covid cases getting Dip in India?

The Covid fear is not over yet. After facing the wrath of the two deadly Covid waves, India is reportedly gearing up to face the third wave. A recent analysis said that India is likely to face the Third wave of the Covid pandemic in February and cases might go up rapidly.

But there are contrasting scenes in the country compared to the previous waves. Lakhs of cases were reported in the country in the first and second waves as people feared the pandemic and went for the Covid detection cases. People feared respiratory disease and took the required measures.

Coming to the current situation, people are not preferring the Covid tests, while a major share of people who develop the Covid symptoms are using kits to detect their infections. This is said to be the reason behind the low cases in the country.

Covid detecting tests are the only way to detect if a person is positive or negative for the respiratory disease. RT-PCR test gives the results accurately and the low footfall at the Covid test centres are resulting in the states seeing fewer Covid cases.

The opinion got momentum as there has been a jig jag in the way the Covid cases are reported in the nation. For a few days, Covid cases go up and the cases go down for a few days.

Having surpassed the massive 3 lakh mark in the cases, India saw a massive dip in the Covid cases. Looking at the developments, we have to admit the fact that several infections are going unaccounted for in the current scenario.
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