Telangana HC's concerns on non implementation of Covid Protocols!

The Telangana High Court heard a petition on the Covid situation once again. The issue reached the Court as the deadly respiratory disease is ringing danger bells across the nation leaving lakhs of people infected with the virus daily. The Covid cases are also on a rise in the state.

During the hearing, the High Court expressed its concerns on Covid protocols like wearing a facemask and maintaining physical distance not followed in the state. Not just expressing concerns, the High Court also felt that not following the protocols is nothing but unfortunate.

The petitioner's lawyer, Telangana Advocate General, and the state Health Public Director attended the hearing on Tuesday. The petitioner had approached the High Court saying that the Covid spread is high in the state and termed the info and stats provided by the government as false.

Citing the figures of the recently launched fever survey in which close to 1.70 lakh people in the state were found positive for the fever, the lawyer representing the petitioner said that the findings of the survey should be seen as an example of the virus spreading. Not stopping there, the lawyer went on to say that the isolation kits without medicine were distributed to the children.

The Telangana Advocate General had countered the claims and said that, unlike what is said by the petitioner’s lawyer, the Telangana government is taking the required measures to see that the situation is under control in the state. To prove that the measures taken by the government are working, the Public Health Director submitted a report on the prevailing Covid situations in the state.

After hearing the arguments of both sides, the Telangana High Court expressed its concern on the Covid protocols and asked the Hyderabad Civic body Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation(GHMC) and the Cops to make sure that the Covid protocols are implemented without fail.

The next hearing in the case was postponed to the 28th of this month. The Telangana High Court issued directives to the state health director to submit a report on the Covid situation when the issue is heard by the Court on Jan 28
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