Success Of Balayya & Bunny Ends Up As Profit For Dil Raju!

Nandamuri Balakrishna scored the biggest blockbuster in his career with 'Akhanda'. This film completed 50 days in theatres and earned a share of over 70 crores at the box office. It is the third hit in the Balayya-Boyapati combo and fans had a mass blast watching their hero performing gravity-defying stunts on the big screens.

Coming to 'Pushpa', the film turned to be a huge success by earning more than 300 crores in India. It created a huge trend all over the country and many big names have posted videos imitating Pushparaj's mannerisms and dances. Barring the Andhra & Ceeded region, the film landed in a lot of profits for everyone.

The person who made very good profits with both of these films is star producer Dil Raju. As we know, Dil Raju is a distributor even before becoming a producer. Despite turning into a producer, Dil Raju never left the distribution business. He is the one who releases most of the big films in the Nizam area. He releases films in Vizag too but with the complications right now in Andhra Pradesh, he kept his entire focus on the Nizam region. Dil Raju is known for his judgment skills and has a knack for picking up super hit films.

Balakrishna's last outing 'Ruler' minted only 10 crores in its box office run and was termed as a disaster. But Dil Raju bought the Nizam rights of 'Akhanda' for 10 crores and many said that it was a huge risk. 'Akhanda' got over 20 crores in the Nizam area alone leaving Dil Raju with a profit of over 10 crores.

Coming to 'Pushpa', sources claim that Dil Raju bought Nizam rights for 36 crores. The film got a mixed talk on the first day and many thought that Dil Raju will be facing huge losses. But, the film got a positive talk later and went onto to get more than 40 crores in the Nizam area along. Inside reports suggest that Dil Raju bagged around 20 crores of profit for those two films.

Dil Raju's last production was 'Rowdy Boys' with Ashish Reddy as the hero. He is currently bankrolling his 50th film under Shankar's direction. Ram Charan and Kiara Advani are the lead actors in this film.
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