Alleging Sentiments Hurt,Community members attack Media Office!

In an unwanted development, a media office was reportedly attacked by a particular community alleging that a few videos produced by the media house displayed women from their community in an objectionable manner. Unhappy with the portrayal of the women, the community members reached the office and created a ruckus.

Going into detail, Mango Videos, one of the popular YouTube Channels, has reportedly released a video recently. However, the video had caught up in a big controversy as the members of the particular community said that the video had hurt their sentiments and they are not happy with the video.

Raising their observations against the video, members of the community had reportedly reached the Mango Videos office in Hyderabad and reportedly attacked the office. This had led to a tense situation outside the media office.

After receiving a complaint, the Police reached the spot and took the accused into custody. Though the situation came under control with the arrests, more information on the incident is awaited.

The Community members who protested outside the office said that the objectionable video should be deleted immediately and the company should issue an apology for their mistake. Mango Videos is owned by Ram, the husband of Popular singer Sunitha.
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