AP Govt all set to take a big step to ease administration!

Is the Andhra Pradesh government gearing up to take a daring step Will we get to see the district count going up in the state further up Will the state government issue a Government Order on increasing the districts well the Media information says the same.

According to the information that is doing the rounds the Andhra Pradesh government is reportedly all set to take the existing districts in the state to either 19 or 26 going by the favorable conditions and the Government Order on the issue in a couple of days.

YSRCP had said that the districts will be increased on the grounds of the Lok Sabha constituency so that it paves way for easy management of the regions. However various reasons have resulted in the postponement of the increase in the districts for better management.

According to popular opinion the existing 13 districts in Andhra Pradesh might go up to 25 as there are 25 Lok Sabha seats in the states. However there are high chances for the state to have 26 districts given the vast area under the Araku constituency.

As Araku enjoys a vast area there has been an opinion that the constituency should be divided into two districts so that the districts can be managed easily. The Government Order might be issued very soon.

Once the Government Order on the same is out we might get some information on the same and more changes might be made if the need for the same arises.

Well if the same happens in Andhra Pradesh then the state will join the fellow Telugu state Telangana. Back in 2019 the Telangana government had increased the districts for ease of administration. As many as 21 districts were created by the Telangana government in its effort to ease the administration and manage the workload.

As a result of adding more details Telangana now has 33 districts. Interestingly increasing the district count in the state is also an election promise made by Kalvakuntla Chandrashekar Rao before the general elections. When the newly formed Telangana was gearing up for the elections KCR promised the same and in 2019 the districts were increased to 33.
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