'Loser' Season Two Gets Good Response From The Public!

The first season of 'Loser' which came out on the ZEE5 OTT platform turned out to be an unexpected hit. Looking at the success, the makers decided to come up with season 2. As a continuation to the first season, 'Loser 2' dives into the lives of Suri Yadav (Priyadarshi), Ruhi Shabana (Kalpika Ganesh) and Wilson (Shashank).

The reviews were mostly favorable, the audience liked the second season too. Priyadarshi did a fantastic job as expected and his character is etched pretty well. Even Kalpika Ganesh did a good job but her character did not get highlighted like the first season. She had fewer scenes to bring out her potential this time. But it is Shashank who gets the best character arc and he makes the best use of it. The rest of the actors including Sayaji Shinde, Dhanya Balakrishna, Anee and others did great too.

Compared to the first part, the second part walks on an expected note. Though the emotions touch you, the audience felt that there was nothing that surprised them. It was the very few very minuses of the series. Also, the narration is a bit slow-paced and the makers took their own sweet time to build up the drama. People who expected more Rubi Shabana's character are a bit disappointed.

Other than that, the series is very appealing and convincing. The production values, camera work, music and all other technical departments gave their best output. The second season of 'Loser' might not exceed all the expectations but delivers what is expected. People who didn't watch it can give it a look as you can get invested in the series quite easily.
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