Jan 26 Parade: Delhi Police releases few guidelines

India is gearing up for the Republic Day celebrations. As the Covid fear is not over yet, the attendees' count was restricted and the Police department had issued a new set of guidelines that have to be followed by the people while attending the Parade on the 26th of this month.

The Delhi Police Department said that those who want to attend the parade have to follow certain guidelines like taking the two doses of the vaccination besides wearing a facemask and maintaining distance from others during the parade.

Taking to Twitter, the Delhi Police issued a few guidelines for the attendees. The guidelines include taking the two doses and a certificate that proves the vaccination of the concerned person. As another rule, children below the age group of 15 will not be permitted.

The visitors will be allowed to enter the premises from 7 AM for the parade. Given the restricted area for parking, the Delhi Police urged the attendees to go for sharing Cab service so that less parking space is consumed.

Keeping the celebrations in mind, the Delhi Police said that a few traffic diversions will be in place in the national capital and appealed to the public to cooperate with them. Police personnel in big numbers will be deployed for the security arrangements.
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