Undavalli Arun Kumar's analysis on Employees Protest on PRC!

Andhra Pradesh's State employees are not showing any sign of taking a bak step in their fight for their demands. They have already prepared a schedule for their protest. To see that their problems are addressed, the employees are on a warpath in their protests.

The employees have already knocked on the doors of the Andhra Pradesh High Court challenging the PRC recommendations. The employees said that reducing the salaries goes against the AP Act. The High Court heard the petition today.

The Andhra Pradesh government and employees are having contrast versions on their stands. While the government is saying that the PRC will have a big burden on the economy. On the other hand, the employees are saying that they will get affected by the PRC recommendations and are demanding that the old pay scales should be implemented.

YSR's strong loyalist and former Congress MP Undavalli Arun Kumar responded to the matter and said she is surprised with the way the protests are going on. Saying that he never witnessed something like employees protesting with a demand for the previous recommendations.

"I have seen employees protest demanding to hike the salaries. But I have never seen employees demanding to not increase their salaries. Probably, this is the first time we have witnessed something like this," Undavalli Arun Kumar said.

Undavalli Arun Kumar also expressed his reservations on the protests called by the employees against the PRC recommendations. The veteran Congress leader and ex-Parliamentarian objected to the protests as the Covid is spreading its wings rapidly.

Shedding light on how Andhra Pradesh is going through a tough period with the Covid outbreak followed by the financial situation of the state, Undavalli Arun Kumar had urged the employees to stop the protests in the wake of the Covid outbreak. He urged the government and employees to sort out the issue by having talks without dragging the issue further.

Undavalli Arun Kumar, who is not active in politics recently found new popularity with his YouTube interviews and analysis on various issues. From regional issues to national issues, Undavalli Arun Kumar gives his take on almost all the happening issues.
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