AP High Court slams Employees hearing the petition!

The protest state employees who have been fighting against the controversial PRC recommendations have knocked on the doors of the Andhra Pradesh High Court raising their objections over the recommendations. The petition came up for the hearing on Monday. After hearing the arguments the High Court made some interesting comments.

The High Court found fault with the petitioners for approaching the Court without proper details on how the PRC recommendations will impact their salaries. The Court asked how the employees came to a conclusion that the salaries will get reduced with the recommendations.

Questioning how the petitioners can knock on the doors of the Court without proper details the High Court directed the petitioners to submit details on how the PRC will impact the salaries with all the required numbers. Submit the

As a bid blow to the employees the High Court of Andhra Pradesh made it clear that the employees dont have the right to challenge the PRC percentage. Having said that the High Court said that the government enjoys the right to either increase or decrease the salaries of employees.

 with the numbers the High Court said.

Andhra Pradesh Advocate General who was present in the court on the behalf of the state government submitted the details to the court that proves that the salaries have increased after the PRC recommendations media reports said.

Not just this the Advocate General also told the court that the government is making the required steps to see that justice is served for the employees.

The petitioner and members of the Steering Committee were directed by the Andhra Pradesh High Court to be present before the Judge. Having said the above-mentioned comments the High Court adjourned the next hearing to afternoon and the hearing has just begun.

The employees are not happy with the PRC recommendations announced by the government. With a demand of taking back the Government orders on the PRC issue the employees have been protesting.

The employees have approached the High Court with a big hope that they get a positive response from the Court. We have to wait and see what the court says on the issue in the ongoing hearing.
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