India’s R-value falling and 3rd Wave might emerge

The Covid cases are increasing in India rapidly at a higher rate. More than three lakh cases are being reported. Amid the rise in dangerous numbers IIT Madras had conducted a survey to determine the virus spread. The survey also predicted the possible Third wave in the country.

The analysis was conducted by the Department of Mathematics and Centre of Excellence for Computational Mathematics and Data Science of IIT Madras. The analysis had mentioned how the Rvalue has come down recently and termed it as a piece of good news to the country.

The outcome of the analysis is that the Rvalue has been coming down over the past few weeks and now stood at 1.57 percent. The Rvalue was at 4 percent during the first week of January.

As a piece of good news the Rvalue is coming down in metro cities like Mumbai Kolkata Chennai and the national capital Delhi and the experts said that it should be seen as an indication of a pandemic on its way to become endemic.

The professors at IIT Madras had used computational modeling to carry out the analysis. According to the analysis there are high chances for the third wave of Covid to hit the country in the coming 14 days. The next wave of virus might be witnessed in February.

The newly detected variant of Covid Omicron is being credited for the massive growth in the fresh cases in the country and the variant is guiding the virus spread in India.

The reason behind the Omicron variant dubbed as the guiding factor of virus spread in India is that a major share of Virus cases belong to the Omicron and even the major cities also have a similar case. The infections triggered by Omicrons subvariant BA.2 were reported on a big scale.

The Indian SARS-CoV-2 Genomics Consortium (INSACOG) which falls under the Union Health Ministry of Health had recently said that the Omicron variant of the respiratory disease had reached the community transmission stage in the country.

Looking at the fresh cases reported in India as many as 3.06 lakh people were infected with the virus in the past 24 hours. Compared to the other day the cases saw a dip. India has now become the second worsthit nation in the world after the United States.
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