This poll bound state has higher voter count than Pakistan

The count down for the general elections in five states has started within a month the elections will be started in the poll bound states in a phased manner. Given the magnanimity and the bigger scale of the polls the Election Commission had decided to conduct the polls in multiple phases covering the states.

For various reasons Uttar Pradesh is attracting more attention compared to the other states. One of the key reasons is that BJP is ruling in Uttar Pradesh and Centre as well. It has to be seen how the saffron party will fare in the forthcoming general elections.

If we look at the interesting details of the upcoming elections Uttar Pradesh is the largest state in the country in terms of population. The official data says that there are around 15.2 crore people in Uttar Pradesh the land of Gods.

The population of Uttar Pradesh is higher than that of an entire nation. The state population is higher than our neighbouring nation and arch rivals in cricket Pakistan. Pakistan has around 2 crores less population than Uttar Pradesh. This fact had made the upcoming elections an interesting topic to look after.

Given the anti Bharatiya Janata Party BJP sentiment that is prevailing in the country due to various issues like the Covid handing demonetisation and the recent sale of government properties the party has to sweat hard to win the polls.

Its interesting to see how the Bharatiya Janata Party BJP will deal with the situation to reach the tough task of winning the elections. However there are a few elements that are in favour of the BJP.

Only one party the Samajwadi Party is looking strong and might pose a big threat to the winning chances of the party. A few leaders have joined the party already hinting at the reduction of winning chances.

But the likes of Amit Shah and other key leaders are expected to campaign for the party for the upcoming elections. Besides this the construction of the Ram Mandir might also change the Momentum towards the BJP.

To show the significance of the population of Uttar Pradesh the state stands at fourth place in terms of the global scenario. The superpower nation United States Indonesia and Brazil are ahead of Uttar Pradesh with a voter count of 25.9 crores 19.2 crores and 15.3 crores respectively.
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