Pawan Kalyan keeps BJP, TDP guessing

Does the BJP still have doubts about Jana Sena's friendship? If not why did he reiterate that Jana Sena was the BJP's partner in Andhra Pradesh? Why is he reaffirming it again and again? Recently, speaking to media in Kurnool as part of his tour of Rayalaseema, he said that Jana Sena was an alliance partner. He also said that they would decide on the CM candidate in consultation with one another.

Political watchers say that Somu Veerraju has been speaking about Pawan Kalyan regularly, after Chandrababu professed his 'one-sided' love for Jana Sena. It appears the BJP is suspicious of the Jana Sena's intentions. It is also clear that the BJP is doubtful about Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan.

Interestingly, during the last two years, both the Jana Sena and the BJP had never organised a protest or a dharna together. The Jana Sena did not campaign for the BJP during the Badvel bypoll.  In the local body polls, there were several instances of the Jana Sena helping the TDP and vice-versa. This must have seeded doubts in the minds of Somu Veerraju. Hence these repeated statements of being together.

Interestingly, Pawan Kalyan has not revealed his mind. He has not responded to the "love proposal" from Chandrababu and at the same time, did neither confirm or reject Somu Veerraju's statement. Thus, he is keeping both the TDP and the BJP guessing.
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