TDP Leader alleged attack en route to Gudivada!

The alleged Casino matter that created a political storm in Andhra Pradesh took a dramatic turn when the TDP leaders had decided to visit Gudivada to check whether the Casino was set up in the city or not. For a brief period of time, the TDP's fact-checking committee was stopped by the cops.

TDP leader Bonda Uma one of the members of the fact-finding committee alleged that Casino and gambling have been going on in Gudivada for quite some time but the recent one had made it to the headlines.

Alleging that his vehicle was attacked when he tried to reach Gudivada and his vehicle was damaged, Bonda Uma said that to protect Kodali Nani in the matter, DCP stepped in. He asked why his vehicle was attacked when there is nothing objectionable going on in the convention hall.

"Why was the vehicle attacked when there is nothing to hide. DGP is acting as a member of the ruling party. We have filed a complaint with the concerned Police Station. We will not spare Kodali Nani in the matter, we will approach the Court too," Bonda Uma said.
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