Hyd: South Zone Cops bust fake RT-PCR racket

There is no stopping the black market. No matter what the product and the field is, the black market operates there. Earlier we have seen fraudsters faking the Covid medicines and equipment that were used to treat the patients suffering from the virus.

The black market mafia had spread its wings for one more time. This time, the fraudsters were caught faking the RT-PCR tests, one of the tests that are used to confirm whether the person is positive or negative for the Covid.

Shockingly, the fake RT-PCR racket was busted in Hyderabad by the cops. After receiving crucial information on the racket that is dealing with the fake Covid reports, the cops conducted raids and busted the rackets. Two teams that are related to the racket were also arrested.

While one team was caught faking the RT-PCR test reports for the employees so that they can apply for leave and spent time with the families, the other team was found involved in making fake reports for international travelers.

The South Zone Cops have busted the two rackets. South Zone Task Force DCP Chakravarthy said, the two teams were arrested and warned others who were involved in this to change their behavior.
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