YSRCP sitting pretty as Kalyandurg TDP clashes with itself

The opposition TDP appears to be learning no lessons from the crushing defeat it suffered in the 2019 elections. In its citadel of Anantapur district, it could win just two seats – one from Uravakonda and the other from Hindupur. . Unfortunately for the TDP, the internal squabbles and groupism are still alive and they are weakening the party in the district.

The worst case of groupism and internal tussles can be seen in Kalyandurg constituency. The TDP leaders  - former MLA Hanumantha Raya Chowdary and Madineni Umamaheshwara Naidu - are still at loggerheads and are trying to weaken one another. In 2019, Chandrababu Naidu had denied party ticket to sitting MLA Hanumantha Raya Chowdary as he was hugely unpopular and made Umamaheshwara Naidu the party candidate. But, Umamaheshwara lost the election badly. It was widely believed that Hanumantha Raya Chowdary had worked against Umamaheshwara and ensured his defeat. Ever since, the party is divided into two factions in Kalyandurg. While Payyavula Keshav and the JC family are backing Umamaheshwara, Kalwa Srinivasulu and Prabhakara Chowdary are backing Hanumantharaya.

Recently, the TDP has given a call for organizing protests on the OTS issue. Both Chowdary and Naidu held separate protests. The Chowdary group's protest was a failure with just about 10 people, while the attendance at UmaMaheswara's rally was huge. This led to a Whatsapp war between the two leaders.  Now both the leaders have taken the issue to the notice of Chandrababu Naidu.

Though the party top leadership has told both the leaders to bury their differences and work together, the two leaders are refusing to mend their ways. Each leader is trying to undercut the others. As a result of these regular tiffs, the party workers and sympathizers are in a quandary. The YSRCP is currently sitting pretty watching the two TDP leaders battle it out.
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