Covid made this medicine brand to see over 300 cr turnover!

The Covid outbreak is the most severe crisis the world has ever faced. Millions of people across the globe have lost their lives to respiratory disease and crores of people were infected with the virus and got admitted to the hospitals, which had left a heavy toll on the global health care system.

But the same pandemic had made a few pharma giants see good fortunes. Made-in-India medicine Dolo 650 is one such medicine. Since the start of the pandemic, Dolo 650 was sold in record numbers making the company witness a massive growth in terms of sales.

A research firm had tracked the sales of Dolo-650 over the two years and drew a comparison between the sales before and after the emergence of the Covid outbreak. The difference between the sales is quite high.

The data collected by IQVIA, the healthcare research firm, says that before the emergence of Covid, around 7.5 crore strips of the tablet were sold across the country and since the start of the pandemic, more than 350 crore pills were sold. This in turn resulted in the manufacturers recording hundreds of crores of turnover.

The number of sales for Dolo 650 started to grow gradually with the Covid outbreak in the country. The reason behind this is Dolo is widely prescribed by doctors for those who have a fever and the fever sensation. Fever is one of the major symptoms of the Covid and to deal with that Dolo is prescribed.

One more thing that helped Dolo 650 to see record sales is that the medicine mostly doesn't have any side effects. This also gave an added benefit for Dolo 650. The usage of Dolo 650 in India became so popular that recently the Dolo topic broke the internet and netizens showed their creativity in making memes and jokes on the matter.

The Chennai-based Micro Labs Ltd, which was founded back in 1973 is into manufacturing the Dolo 650. Dolo is one of the types of companies that sell paracetamol drugs. Though many companies sell paracetamol, Dolo 650 had the upper hand in terms of sales.
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