AP Ministers hit back at Employees for approaching High Court!

The PRC issue which made the state employees go against the Andhra Pradesh government had reached the High Court. The new development is an effect of the petition filed in the High Court challenging the Pay scales offered by the new PRC. The Employees have knocked on the doors of the High Court.

Making a mention of the AP Reorganisation Act, the AP Gazetted Officers' Association in the petition had said that the Pay scales are against the Act as the Act says the salaries given to the employees cannot be reduced. Talking about the importance of the Act, the Association had mentioned that the Parliament had passed the Act.

Listing out the problems the employees would face with the PRC, the association said that their salaries will be reduced and the protection of the employees will also be hindered by the PRC.

The protest called by the AP NGO is getting support from other associations and employees associations as one after the other association is extending its support to the protest.

Amid this, the Andhra Pradesh Ministers are hitting back at the employees and asking why they are hitting the roads while protesting against the PRC. Asking if the employees want the issue to get sorted out or not, the Ministers are asking the employees to think about the AP's financial situation.
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