One rule for Vallabhaneni, another for Karanam Balaram

No party forgives the rebels. It is more spiteful of the rebels than rivals. The TDP is more vengeful towards renegade MLA Vallabhaneni Vamsi than rivals like Kodali Nani. Hence the TDP leaders train their guns and target Vamsi. They never get tired of criticizing Vamsi and claim that he had won only because of Chandrababu Naidu.

Even seniors like Yanamala and spokespersons like Varla Ramaiah have slammed Vamsi. But for some strange reasons, the TDP is not as vehement and strident against another senior leader and renegade YSRCP leader Karanam Balaram. Karanam had won on TDP ticket from Chirala and  then joined the YSRCP. However, the TDP is diffident about criticizing him in a similar manner. The TDP only mildly raps him when necessary. Otherwise, this deserter is treated with kid-gloves.

Not just that, the TDP is making no visible efforts to rebuild the party in Chirala. Why this preferential treatment to Karanam? This is now the hot topic for discussion among the TDP leaders. Some leaders say that though he was forced to join the YSRCP due to some compulsions, Karanam is essentially a TDP man.

They also feel that Karanam would come back to the TDP by the time the elections are announced.  This softer treatment of Karanam Balaram is not to the liking of some TDP leaders. Especially, TDP incharge for the constituency , Edama Balaji, fears that he might not get the opportunity to contest as an MLA in 2024 too as Karanam might rejoin the party at the last moment in 2024. As of now, Karanam Balaram has the best of both the worlds. He is respected in YSRCP, revered in TDP.
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