BJP to play Atmakur-card in Rayalaseema

Is the BJP planning to use the Hindutwa card to make its presence felt in the all-important Rayalaseema region? Those watching the BJP in Andhra Pradesh affirm. They say that the BJP is all set to focus on Rayalaseema and is likely to advocate a strident and staunch Hindutwa there. A plan of action is being prepared.

Two incidents have given some foothold to the BJP. Firstly, the YSRCP plans to set up a statue of Tipu Sultan in Proddatur. The move was actually the brainchild of the controversial fundamentalist organization, the SDPI. Tipu is a divisive and controversial personality and naturally the BJP and other Hindutwa organizations have opposed it staunchly. Seeing the BJP taking advantage of the issue, the YSRCP cleverly gave up the plans.

Recent controversy over the construction of a mosque in a predominantly Hindu area and the over enthusiasm of the YSRCP leaders has come handy for the BJP. The BJP district president was not only arrested and attacked, several people were injured in the attack by communal forces. This has built a strong mood in support of Hindutwa forces. The BJP wants to capitalize on this too.

All the key BJP leaders, including Somu Veerraju are on a four-day tour of Rayalaseema. They are going to cover all parts of the Seema region and talk about both the incidents.  The BjP is also planning to organize a public meeting in Rayalaseema on these issues on January 22.
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