Is TRS preparing "Trozan Horse" strategy to defeat BJP in 2023?

The ruling TRS in Telangana has prepared a master plan to weaken the BJP, which is the main challenger for the 2023 elections. The TRS has decided to infiltrate the BJP at all levels, starting from the state team till ward and booth level. Sounds unbelievable? But, true. The TRS has prepared a long list of BjP workers at various levels, who are willing to compromise.

Similarly, it is also planning to make some of its agents and activists join the BJP at various levels so that they can get the inside information about the BJP strategies. The TRS was surprised by the defeats in both Dubbak and Huzurabad, where the TRS could not get the inside information from the BJP and was surprised by the secrecy, say TRS insiders. Hence the TS wants to infiltrate the BJP at every level, say sources.

Sources also say that the TRS thinking heads have also put on hold several BJP leaders' plan to join the TRS. Sources said that the TRS has asked them to stay put in the BJP and pass on information about BJP's internal plans.

The TRS is using developmental and welfare fund release, sanctioning of various schemes and other such methods to influence the BJP councilors, ward members and deputy sarpanches. Using this lever, the TRS has managed to make several BJP leaders vote for the TRS in the recent local body constituency MLC elections. Some of these leaders have also been told to weaken the party from within. It remains to be seen how the BJP would counter this strategy.
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