Intel inputs say T BJP office in Terrorist hit list

The security around the State BJP office in Telangana has been beefed up in and around the Telangana State BJP headquarters in Hyderabad's Kattalmandi. This follows the recent inputs from the Central Intelligence Agencies. The agencies have indicated that there could be terror attacks in the BJP state headquarters.

The Central intel agencies have pointed out that unknown persons were suspiciously moving in the BJP office and its vicinity. Also, the staff members at the state office are not registering the details of the persons who are visiting the state office.  They also pointed out that several security procedures were not being followed.

The intel sources suggested that the BJP could suffer drone attacks when major leaders and VIPs visit the office. They also suggested that the party should ensure that no suspicious persons should gain entrance into the office. They said that it was on their advice that the BJP leaders have installed CCTV cameras around the office as a precautionary measure in the past.  A control room was also set up inside the BJP office.

Now the intel sources have suggested that the BJP follow stricter security regulations and ensure that unwanted people do not enter the premises of the party office. A system for continuous monitoring is being put in place.
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