Varun Tej Going Strong With Versatile Films!

Young and happening Mega hero Varun Tej is all set to thrill the audience with his sports drama 'Ghani'. The first glimpse has got a good response and Tamanna's song has raised the buzz too. Apart from doing such a high intense sports drama, Varun Tej is also working on a completely hilarious entertainer like 'F3' right now. It is a logicless comic entertainer that is completely different from 'Ghani'. This explains Varun Tej's script selection and it is the same since the beginning.

He made his debut with 'Mukunda' and surprised everyone with his second film 'Kanche'. It is a pure love story set in the backdrop of Independence. The war backdrop and Varun Tej's acting won a lot of applause. After that, he opted for an out and out commercial entertainers like 'Loafer' and 'Mister'. He moved away from the regular pattern and made a soft romantic entertainer like 'Fidaa' which was highly successful at the box office. He made another interesting love story like 'Tholi Prema' before acting in an outer space-based movie like 'Anthariksham'. After that, he played a negative role in 'Gaddalakonda Ganesh' in which he went through a complete makeover. This shows, Varun Tej's perfect script selection and it is his constant effort at trying to be different from the rest which is making him successful in Tollywood.

Varun Tej is one of the most handsome heroes with a dependable market in Telugu right now. He has two projects lined up and he is never hesitant to try out something different. Let us hope that Varun Tej becomes a huge star in the coming days but never shies away from picking unique scripts and bettering himself as an actor.
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