Women's Presence A Must For These Directors!

Every director follows a pattern or style that he never leaves. While some make movies with high emotions, some go to foreign locations a lot. There are a few who often go to Bangkok for shooting while another person builds huge sets. We often see the directors working with the same actor a lot of times. In the same way, there are three directors who include a lot of young heroines in their films.

Though their characters lack substance, many heroines will be included in their films just to add high glamor. While one director has completely faded out now but was a crazy director once. The second director recently scored a big hit and is known for his violence. The third one is a young director who made a handful of films till date.

When asked on various occasions about the reason behind taking a lot of heroines in their projects, the three directors said that having pretty women in the set will make them stress free and bring peace of mind. They might be hoping that the same happens to the audience while watching their movies too.
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