No data to prove Omicron more severe than Delta: WHO!

The 'Omicron' variant of Coronavirus which was detected in South Africa is now spreading its wings to other countries. As of now, the virus variant had already entered more than half a dozen nations across the world, bringing a new tension. The world countries are monitoring the passengers coming from other countries as a safety precaution.

Now the WHO has come up with a piece of good news that brings a major sigh of relief to the world. The global health agency said that the new variant is not as severe as the Delta variant. Adding further, WHO said, the chances of the new variant escaping the Covid vaccine doses are very less.

WHO emergencies director Michael Ryan called for a press briefing to clear the air on the fears surrounding the new variant. Citing the available preliminary days, the director said the new variant is less severe than the Delta variant.

Not stopping there, the director went on to say that the existing data did not indicate the severity of the new variant. He also opined that there is no data to prove that the Omicron data might escape the Covid vaccines which are in use currently.

The Omicron variant was termed as the variant of concern by the WHO. To see that the variant is stopped from entering the respective countries, almost all the countries have revised the travel restrictions and made it mandatory for the air passengers to undergo RC-PTR tests.
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