Defence Chopper Crash: 13 people died, one male survived?

It is known that a military chopper with 14 people onboard including Chief of Defence Staff Bipin Rawat crashed in Tamil Nadu earlier today. The Indian Air Force also confirmed the incident and said an inquiry has been called for to know the reason behind the crash.

Now it has been widely reported that the helicopter crash left 13 people dead while one male survived the crash. The survivor is undergoing treatment at the hospital facility for the burns he sustained in the crash. Though there is no info on who the sole survivor is, it is said that Bipin Rawat survived the crash.

As the dead bodies were burnt making them difficult to identify, the officials have sent the bodies for the DNA, and the test reports are awaited. As the 13 passengers expect a male survivor lost their lives, it is said that Bipin Rawat might also have died in the crash.

A few national media outlets have reported that Bipin Rawat had survived the attack and was being treated and it was he who had managed to escape from the attack. However, an official statement is awaited. The IAF is expected to discuss more details officially soon.

The Mi-17 V5 chopper on its way to Wellington left from Sulur earlier today with 14 people on board. Unfortunately, the chopper crashed minutes after taking off from the base. After the crash happened, the rescue teams rushed to the spot for the rescue operations.
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