TRS grapples with the formation of party's state committee

With the local body MLC constituency elections just a few days away, the rank and file of the TRS have now shifted focus on the organizational elections. The TRS is currently in the process of conducting organizational elections and the state committee would soon be announced. There are many claimants to the state committee positions in the TRS.

Several leaders are said to be lobbying hard for positions in the state committee. Some have even met KCR and pleaded their case. Several leaders, who have been denied both MLC and nominated posts till now, are said to be working hard to charm their way into the state committee.

As of now the party has to announce the district and the state committee. KCR has for now kept the announcement of the District committees in abeyance. The reason is that it could spur dissidence among the rank and file of the. However, the state committee is likely to be announced soon.

KCR and KTR are said to be busy preparing lists of the probables for the state committee. How KTR and KCR address various caste and regional aspects remains to be seen. Sources say that once the MLC elections are over, the top leadership is likely to focus completely on the formation of the state committee.
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