Is Shannu creating a Bad Boy image for himself?

YouTube star actor from Telugu Shannu, entered Bigg Boss Season 5 as a solid contestant who has a great chance to win the title. His girlfriend Deepti Sunaina entered the house 3 seasons ago and her closeness with co-contestant Tanish created ripples in their relationship and they became talk of the town.

Shannu and Siri Hanumanth, another popular Youtuber, seems to be following similar pattern to stay in the eyes of the public.

They have been very very close to each other as Siri's mother also warned her to not get too close to Shannu. Ever since her entry, Shannu has been scolding Siri, whenever she comes near him.

Their relationship has taken a different turn and Shannu seems to be angry about the image being projected about him. Siri on the other hand being subdued and trying to take in all his frustration.

But the viewers mainly those active on social media are commenting that Shannu is abusing Siri and theirs is a toxic friendship. Many don't like the way Siri "adjusts" to Shannu's mood swings and their need for hugs, physical closeness in the name of emotional support have been projected differently than what Shannu or Siri would have anticipated.

He directly used foul language and Bigg Boss makers are going to telecast it as they cut a promo about it. Looks like the young actor has damaged his reputation more than gain any good image coming into Bigg Boss house.

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