Payal Rajput about wardrobe malfunction: My family was impacted

Payal Rajput suffered a severe case of wardrobe malfunction recently. A video of Payal in a revealing outfit surfaced on the internet and the actress accidentally suffers from a wardrobe malfunction. This video then went viral on social media.

Now, Payal has spoken about the controversial incident and has revealed that not just her, but also family has been impacted by the incident.

"I was shattered with the cheap comments and I was afraid to open my Instagram page for days. I was upset with the comments and memes. I am an emotional person and my family too got impacted with the incident."

"My mom asked me to return back home leaving everything. I am strong enough to deal with these things and these trolls will not define or impact my career. It is just a nip slip and people are behaving as if they have never seen the private parts before. I was wondering if I have something that other women are not having. The original did not have any nip slip but it was leaked by someone," Payal commented.

Payal's bold and strong-natured take on the incident shows that she really has a strong character.
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