Air India Flight En Route Us Takes U-turn

An Air India flight that was scheduled to reach the United States was forced to return and land in India after a passenger reportedly lost his life in the middle of the trip. Due to this, the air vehicle changed its direction and returned. The flight journey could not last more than three hours.

As per the information shared by the News Agency ANI, the passenger is a US Citizen who was supposed to reach Newark. Sadly, he breathed his last three hours after the air vehicle rose to the sky. The required legal formalities have started and are underway reportedly.

It is said that, after landing at the Indira Gandhi Airport at the national capital Delhi, the concerned officials were informed about the situation. Swinging into the action, they called for the doctors, who examined the passenger. Upon examination, the doctors declared life loss.

The passenger who lost his life is a man and he is believed to be accompanied by his better half. The other passengers were assured by the authorities that there will be a slight change in their travel time and a new team of crew members were picked for the journey, reports said.
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