Pic Talk Like Venky Aasan this is Butta Bomma Aasan

Director Anil Ravipudi has left his mark with his films on Telugu youth. "Zing Zing ... Amazing", "Haashyam - Chitikelu", "Emo Sir Naaku Kanapadadu" are few one-liner  punches that youth use these days in their regular conversations.

His F2 film had a senior actor like Venkatesh doing a stress-buster yoga aasan in a funny way called, Venky Aasan. The aasan did not catch on as much as anticipated but people enjoyed watching it.

Well, yoga aasans are something we can watch but not practice ourselves in daily lives. Anyways, actresses are known for their flexible bodies, these days.

They have to match dancing capabilities of actors like Allu Arjun, Jr. NTR, Ram Charan with grace. Hence, they all work out, do yoga, Pilates to achieve the figure they desire and also be flexible to pull off the difficult dance moves and at times stunts too.

Pooja Hegde has always been a good example for athletic body and she manages to maintain it and surprises us with improved glam quotient in every outing.

With age few lose their looks while few improve. Pooja seems to belong to later category. The actress looks like a porcelain doll and at the same time has athletic abilities.

See her she pulled off a difficult sitting position with ease for photoshoot. This can be made popular as Butta Bomma Aasan! What say, you?!

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