A new chief minister for Karnataka again?

The BJP seems to be busy changing the CMs these days. Within four months of replacing Yeddiyurappa with Basavaraj Bommai, the party is said to be planning to replace him too. If sources are to be believed, the party is now busy countering the moves of Yeddiyurappa, who is now reported to be busy planning to form a new regional outfit.

In fact, the BJP had to move heaven and earth to replace Yeddiyurappa. As a compromise, the party had to appoint Yediyurappa’s nominee as the Chief Minister. However, Yediyurappa is said to have been unhappy with the way things are going in the state. Sources say that he is planning to launch a regional party. In fact, during 2012, he launched Karnataka Janata Paksha, a regional outfit, when he was replaced by Jagadish Shettar. The regional party had done a lot of damage to the prospects of the BJP in the assembly elections.

Amid reports that Yediyurappa is planning a regional party, the BJP wants to checkmate him by making his protégé Shobha Karandlaje the CM. Plans are reportedly afoot to make her the chief minister. Shobha, currently a union minister, is said to be very close to Yediyurappa.

If Shobha is made the CM, Yediyurappa might drop the idea of forming a regional party. At the same time, Shobha, who knows Yediyurappa’s working style, can effectively checkmate him. So, in the whole process, Basavaraj Bommai may have to sacrifice his CM post for the party.
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