Now That Vamsi Said Sorry Will Pattabhi Apologise To Ys Jagan

The unconditional apology tendered by Gannavaram MP Vallabhaneni Vamsi has now raised several important questions.  By tendering an unconditional apology he sought to put at rest an ugly episode. The apology also brought a sort of closure to the whole issue.

But the question is – will TDP spokesperson Pattabhi , who made some nasty and obnoxious comments against Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, apologise in the same way and say let's bygones be bygones. Will Pattabhi go to Jagan or issue an apology in the same manner? This would put at rest the whole sordid episode, say analysts.

Many have reportedly suggested that Pattabhi too should apologise unconditionally.  They suggest that the TDP leaders should take lead in making Pattabhi apologise to put an end to the whole controversy? In fact, it was in the wake of the abusive comments by Pattabhi that the YSRCP supporters had attacked the TDP offices. All these have worsened the relations between these two parties.

Now, will Pattabhi  do the same thing? Will he show the same magnanimity that Vamsi had shown? Will he walk the extra mile to put at rest an unsavoury episode in the party? Let's wait and see how things unfold.
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