Ap Lorries With Paddy Not Permitted To Telangana!

The Andhra Pradesh farmers faced a big jolt at the border of the neighboring state after the trucks carrying the crops were stopped by the police. This made the farmers wonder why the trucks with crops were not letting them enter the state without proper intimation or notice.

It was the Telangana cops who shocked the Andhra Pradesh farmers by stopping the trucks coming from the fellow Telugu state. It has been widely reported that the cops are not letting the trucks enter the state going by the orders they received from the higher authorities. Acting upon them, they are stopping the trucks.

The media reports say that the crop carrying trucks from Andhra Pradesh were stopped so that the paddy cultivated in Telangana can be given priority in the consumption. For the same reason, the vehicles were reportedly not permitted making the farmers fume at the neighboring state.

Severely objecting to what had happened at the borders, the Andhra Pradesh farmers asked for the reason why the vehicles were stopped without informing them in advance. They are not happy with the developments at the border. How can we stop selling our crops? We have been selling the crops in Telangana, they said.

The alleged development got a lot of significance as the Telangana development is waging a war with the Union government over the paddy procurement. With the Centre making its stand clear that it cannot procure the paddy, the state government is looking at alternatives, and giving topmost priority for the paddy grown in the state is one of them. The border issue might be one of them.
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