Dil Raju and Rajamouli not collaborating yet!

Dil Raju has been collaborating with other producers and co-producing big budget films. Recently he co-produced Maharshi, Sarileru Neekevvaru and Jersey Hindi remake.

People started suspecting that he will go ahead with more and more multiple producer films to decrease the expenditure from his side and increase profit.

He did say that producers might have to go with co-producing big films in future as the costs have skyrocketed and they need multiple investors to complete films in-time and share the profits, percentage wise.

As he has been part of Mahesh Babu films as co-producer twice, many started spreading rumours that he will also involve in next film of Mahesh with SS Rajamouli. This will be a dream come true for him as he never collaborated with Rajamouli before.

He started producing Ram Charan and Shankar film, so that he can realise his dream of working with Shankar. And many thought he will aggressively pursue Rajamouli - Mahesh combination film too, as an executor for a senior producer.

But the rumours have turned out to be untrue. The producer and director might collaborate in future but right now they are not in talks for Mahesh or any other film.
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