Expected Aadi like reaction not Chaganti Pravachanam:TDP leader!

One after the other, the TDP leaders are criticing NTR on the video he made on the alleged abusive comments against TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu’s wife. The leaders hoped that NTR would be more aggressive while commenting against the issue. However, NTR displayed a diplomatic manner and didn’t take any names throughout the video.

Senior TDP leader, former MLC Buddha Venkanna reacted to the matter and expressed his dissatisfaction over the way Jr. NTR had responded and opined that there is a lot of difference between the expectations and reality of the star’s reaction to the issue.

We expected a reaction like Aadi or Simhadri to the issue. But the reaction turned out to be like Chaganti Pravachanam. We are surprised by the way NTR reacted to the matter. The TDP leaders are not at all happy with this. Instead of reacting like this, it would be nice if he would have not responded, he said.

NTR has good relations with Kodali Nani and Vallabhaneni Vamshi. But what is stopping NTR from using strong language against them? Our blood is boiling hearing the comments made by Kodali Nani. We wonder what's the reason behind NTR’s soft approach, he asked.

Earlier, senior TDP leader Varla Ramaiah also raised the same questions and wondered why he did not give a counter reply to them like his father Harikrishna, who is known as a man of action. If Harikrishna would have been alive, he would have not spared them for commenting on his sister, TDP leader said.
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