Will Jr NTR save the TDP?

Amid the all round gloom in the TDP over the string of defeats and disappointments, one name that continuously crops up is that of Junior NTR. There is a demand from a section of the partymen for junior NTR’s entry into active politics. This section feels that NTR can re-energise the party cadre and can turn into a major vote-catcher.

It may be recalled that a section of the TDP workers have demanded that NTR be brought into the party and be given an important position. In fact, this demand came from the party workers in Kuppam, the family borough of Chandrababu Naidu. Even posters and banners sprung up in various parts of Kuppam. It is another matter that the party leadership has discouraged this. As a result, there was no mention of NTR during the recent municipal elections.

However, another section feels that NTR is not sincere in his attack on the YSRCP and YS Jagan. Even when Nara Bhuvaneswari was attacked, NTR chose to be diplomatic. He did not openly criticize either KOdali Nani or Vallabhaneni Vamsi, who are his close friends.  In fact, senior TDP leader Varla Ramaiah has openly criticized Junior NTR. He said that Jr NTR was not honest in his criticism.

A strong section also feels that NTR is not in a position to sacrifice his film career at this stage. He is fully busy with his film shoots. He ma need some more time to enter into politics and that he was diplomatic only in view of the interests of the producers and investors, who have invested heavily in his films. Sources say that NTR could become active by 2024. But, the jury is out as of now on what would be the impact of Junior NTR on the electoral politics in AP.
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