30 % People Defend Spying Their Partners With Stalkerware Survey

Russian multinational company that deals with cybersecurity and anti-virus service Kaspersky has conducted a survey to find out people's perspectives on using stalking apps to track the movements of their respective partners. The company made the survey results public and the results are quite surprising.

The questionnaire for the respondents of the survey was prepared in a way to get their viewpoint on how they see the stalkerware apps and if they see the apps as the best option to track movements of people and stalk them. Respondents from various nations were made a part of the survey. The size of the survey is more than 21,000 who were either in a relationship or has the experience of dealing with a relationship.

The result of the survey is that three in every ten people in the respondents feel that they are in favor of using the stalkerware apps. For the same, the respondents gave various reasons. While some of the respondents opined that they doubt the faithfulness of their partners.

A section of the respondents said that they are in favour of using the apps as they are concerned about the safety of their partners. Another popular opinion given by the respondents is that they use the apps to monitor the movements of the partners if the partners behave suspiciously.

The survey also has a question for the respondents on how would they react if their partners stalk them through such stalkerware apps. As a response, more than 80 percent of the respondents said that they will raise objections with their partners. Consent is a must for such apps, they said.

For the unversed, Stalkerware software enables people to monitor the movements of the desired person through their devices. Once installed, the movements of the device users can be tracked without their notice. The app can control the camera, audio, video functions of the device.

Last year, thousands of devices across the globe were compromised by the stalkerware app. Russia has the highest number of victims with more than 12,000 followed by Brazil, the United States, and India with 6,523, 4,745, and 4,627 respectively.
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