Did KTR wait for 3 hours to meet Piyush Goel?

Was mighty KTR, who is the second most powerful person and the CM-in-waiting in Telangana, made to wait for three hours to meet Union Minister Piyush Goel? Not just that! Did Piyush Goel chide KCR for coming to meet him without a proper appointment? Yes, say those in the know and confirm that KTR indeed had to wait for three hours to meet Piyush Goel.

KTR is all powerful in Telangana and is considered next only to KCR. On many occasions, KTR doubles up for his father. But, this most powerful man in Telangana was made to wait for three hours in the anteroom of a central minister. The TRS leaders, who accompanied KTR are seething with rage over this slight.

Highly placed sources say that KTR did not take an appointment for the meeting with Piyush Goel. He directly called Piyush Goel, who was busy with a delegation of US businessmen, over the phone. Piyush reportedly told him to take an appointment after 3 PM. However, instead of taking an appointment, KTR came to the Minister's peshi. He was accompanied by ministers Niranjan Reddy and Gangula Kamalakar and MPs Nama Nageswara Rao and KK. Telangana CS Somesh Kumar too was with them.

Sources say that KTR repeatedly called Piyush Goel, while he was in a meeting with the US delegation. A peeved Piyush Goel reportedly chided KCR for coming without an appointment. Finally, it took nearly 3 hours for Piyush Goel to come and meet KTR. The anti-climax is that Piyush Goel did not agree to any proposal made by KTR.
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