Jio Phone Next to hit market for Diwali season!

Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai left a massive update on the launch of the much-awaited Jio Phone Next, the affordable smartphone that was made in collaboration between Reliance and Google. The smartphone will come with all the specifications to give a better experience for the users.

At the earnings call of Alphabet, Sundar Pichai announced that the phones will be launched for Diwali and assured the users that the phones come with options that make the users use the phone in their native languages.

Saying that the Covid pandemic had laid the road for the digital transformation in India, Sundar Pichai expressed his confidence in the Jio Next Phone playing a big role in the transformation. The phones will have a big impact on the market as we see India as a potential market, he said.

There is a big demand in India as people want to move to smartphones from feature phones. To help them, we are offering smartphones that understand the needs of the people by offering services in their native languages. The budget-friendly prices would help us and in 3-5 years we will hold a big market, he said.

Jio Phone Next is equipped with features like Google Assistant, a smart camera, and language translation. Though there is no information on the price tag, the prices are expected to be below Rs 5,000 that encourages more people to buy phones.

The reason behind Chinese mobile brands Vivo, Oppo, Realme, and others enjoying a good share of the market is their affordable price tag. They offer good cameras and features that come with costly phones. If Jio Phones come at a lesser price than the Chinese brands, then nothing can stop the mobile phone from making wonders.
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