Pattabhi Releases Video, Says Not Afraid Of Arrest

If you thought that TDP's motor-mouth spokesperson Kommareddy Pattabhi  has gone to Maldives to rest and relax after the tension-filled moments he had spent after his infamous 'bosadike' statement, then think again. He has gone to Maldives just to escape the police and the law and order agencies.

He has just released a video from his vacation spot in Maldives, where he slammed the 'YSRCP terrorism' and said that he would come back to play active politics again. He said that he was not deterred by the arrest and added that he would fight the arrest and the cases in the court of law.

The video released by Pattabhi justified his going on a vacation to Maldives. He said that his eight-year-old daughter was terrified and traumatised by what happened. He said the police behaved rudely with his wife and daughter. Hence he has taken them on a vacation to Maldives. He also slammed the YSRCP for what he called "spreading rumours' about his vacation.

Interestingly, several TDP leaders have so far been arrested in connection with various cases. But none of them chose to go on a vacation. For instance Senior leaders Atchen Naidu, Kollu Ravindra, Devineni Uma Maheshwara Rao and Dhulipalla Narendra too were arrested. But, all of them stayed in their own respective constituencies and did not flee. It is inexplicable as to why Pattabhi chose to go post-haste to Maldives.
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