TS Collector warns officials on sale of paddy seedsvideo viral

A crucial review meeting was held in Siddipet under the chairmanship of Collector Venkatram Reddy. However, the farmers and the pesticide dealers present at the meeting were left in a deep shock by the sensational statements made by the district collector at the meeting. The video is now going rounds.

At the meeting, Siddipet district Collector Venkatram Reddy gave a strict order for the dealers on selling paddy seeds. He said if the news of dealers selling the paddy seeds comes to his notice he will order for the closure of the shop and even warned that they would be sent to jail.

Once the shop is closed there is no question of reopening it. The shop will not be opened even if the owner gets an order from the Supreme Court. No Order or G.O would be given. It's my order. No more questions, the Collector said at the meeting.

At the meeting, the Collector fumed at the Agriculture officers, seed dealers that the paddy seeds should not be sold in Yasangi. Take the required measures to see that the seeds are not sold, the Collector directed the officials.

With a serious tone, the Collector warned that the shops that sell paddy seeds will not be opened till the time he serves as the Collector. The concerned AEO and officials would be suspended if the dealers sell the seeds. If the seeds were sold against my orders, the dealer shops will be shut, he warned.

The opposition Congress party had severely objected to the statements of the Collector and sought an apology from him. The Telangana wing of Congress said that the Collector should apologize to the farmers for his objectionable comments.
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