Punters bet big on Eatala Rajender in Huzurabad

If the buzz in the betting rings is any indication, then Etala Rajender’s victory is a foregone conclusion in Huzurabad. Already huge amounts are being hedged in the betting markets in both the Telugu states. Already several big names in the betting market have flocked to Huzurabad to understand the mood of the voters.

Huzurabad has become a hot topic of speculation. Several survey agencies have been sent to Huzurabad to gauge the public mood. The people are betting on which party will win and what will be the victory margin. Betting hands from Krishna, Guntur and Twin Godavari district have already hedge their bets.  What is interesting this time is that punters from Sholapur, Nanded and Mumbai too are showing interest in the bypoll.

Sources say that already a whopping Rs 100 crore has been hedged for bets. In this coming one week, the betting could reach a crescendo, say sources in the market. The punters are also looking at issues such as the impact of Dalit Bandhu scheme, impact of Congress defector Padi Kaushik Reddy and the role of Harish Rao in the campaign of the TRS.
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