Is this the reason why TRS plenary was held?

One amendment to the party’s bylaws in the TRS Plenary held on October 25 has become a topic of hot debate in the political circles. The party plenary has amended its byelaws and said that in the absence of the president of the party, the working president is authorised to take decisions. This amounts to virtually passing the baton on organisational matters to KCR

This amendment was expectedly passed unanimously. Thus KTR now has a carte blanche on organisational matters.  Thus he would be able to meet key ministers, MLAs and party functionaries and take decisions on his own in the absence of his father. Sources say this is mainly aimed at ensuring that party rank and file can go to him with any complaint or suggestion. Unlike KCR, he would be accessible to the ministers and MLAs.

However, this does not apply to the government. KCR has not announced or officially appointed anyone as No 2 in his government. This means, there would be no second-in-command when KCR is away from the state. This also means that things would come to a standstill when KCR is away.

But, in a way, KCR has settled the issue of succession. He has clearly indicated that KTR would succeed him. However, this has to be further formalised by anointing him as his successor even in matters of governance. Well! KCR may have to wait for some more time for that to happen.
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