Cong BJP collusion Did Eatala meet Revanth Reddy

The poll campaign in Huzurabad have reached a feverish pitch. But allegations and counter allegations between the BJP and the TRS too have reached a crescendo. TRS working president KTR has levelled serious allegations against BJP candidate Eatala Rajender. He said the BJP and the Congress were hand-in-hand in Huzurabad to defeat the TRS.

In support of his allegation, KTR said that he had proof that Eatala had met Revanth Reddy in Golconda hotel on the sly. He said this showed that this meeting proves that there was collusion among the two parties. He said the Congress and the BJP have become allies in Huzurabad. Eatala, who initially denied that allegation, has later admitted to meeting Revanth Reddy.

However, he maintained that the meeting was held soon after he resigned from the TRS. He said that he had met the leaders of several parties soon after resigning from the TRS. This meeting was from those days. He said that he had not met Revanth in recent times.  He said that the TRS too had met the leaders of several parties at different times during the Telangana agitation.

The BJP strongly defended Eatala and said that there was nothing wrong in Etala meeting Revanth. BJP's AP Jitender Reddy said that politicians do meet people belonging to the opposite camp and added that the TRS was deliberately making a mountain out of a molehill.
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