Congress Leader Sees Leader From This Community Becoming Ap Cm!

Senior Congress leader, who once served as the Tirupati MP Chinta Mohan held a press meet in port city Kakinada and gave his observations on the Andhra Pradesh politics and elaborated on his plans to see a Chief Minister from a particular community. He expressed confidence in seeing a leader from a community as the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister.

Chinta Mohan said that Kapus should be given a chance to rule the state. A credible leader from the Kapu community will be announced soon who will be projected as the Chief Minister candidate from the party. The efforts to look for a suitable candidate are underway already, he said.

Taking an indirect reference to the leaders from Kamma and Reddy communities ruling the state, the former Union Minister said one community had ruled for 50 years and other community had ruled for 25 years. It's high time that the Kapu community should get a chance, he said.

I am meeting a lot of Kapu leaders as part of the mission to search for a leader. I will also convince the leadership of the Congress to give a chance for a Kapu leader as the Chief Minister candidate. On top of placing the demand to make a Kapu leader as the Chief Minister, Chinta Mohan predicted that Kapu leader will make it to the Chief Minister post in the next elections for sure.

Chinta Mohan also reacted to the fight between the TDP and YSRCP and blamed both parties for creating a tense situation in the state. He said TDP used objectionable comments while the ruling YSRCP behaved irresponsibly. These types of incidents will harm the image of the state, he observed.

The CWC invitee had targeted the BJP-led Union Government over various issues like the hike in petrol prices and privatising the government entities. While Congress had built the Railways, Steel Plant, and others, the BJP is selling them. India's rating in the hunger index staying below Pakistan is a serious issue and we have to think about it. Center is privatising the firms and assets which is not a good thing, Chinta Mohan added.
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