Why Is Chandrababu Planning To Meet Amit Shah

TDP boss Chandrababu Naidu is moving heaven and earth to meet Union Home Minister Amit Shah on the issue of the attacks on the TDP offices in Andhra Pradesh. He is now planning to go to Delhi and request Amit Shah to send central forces to AP to bring the situation under control. He is also going to raise the  issue of the arrest of party spokesperson Pattabhi.

The interesting part of the whole story is that the situation is already under control in AP. There is no violence now. Also, Pattabhi case is taking its own course as per the law. There is no violence whatsoever in AP. This being the case, where is the need for asking for Centre’s intervention? Also, Chandrababu has already spoken to Amit Shah over the telephone and informed him of the situation emerging in AP. So,why does he want to meet Amit Shah again?

Sources say that Chandrababu Naidu wants to score a psychological victory over the YSRCP. By taking this issue to the national level and by meeting the Union Home Minister, he wants to keep the State Government on its toes. Also, he wants the YSRCP to know his clout and access in the national politics. He will use his media houses to amplify this and keep the YSRCP confused.

However, the weakest link in the whole plan is Chandrababu's personal equations with the top leadership of the BJP. He had called both Modi and Amit Shah murderers and his met pelted stones at Amit Shah's convoy. He had also made serious attempts to thwart the BJP plans to come back to power in 2019. He funded and backed the Congress Party and even talked of forming a government at the Centre. Will Amit Shah forget all these?
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