RGV compares the MAA episode to that of Circus!

The 2021 Movie Artsites Association (MAA) election was not like the previous elections. For the first time in the history of MAA elections, the public and the media also gave a lot of attention to the election. Even the national media gave extensive coverage to the developments in the election row.

Maverick filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma aka RGV gave an interesting example in describing the whole election episode. The Killing Veerappan director had termed the episode a Circus. The filmmaker said the Cinema people had proved that they are Circus.

"Cine"MAA"people proved to the audience that they are actually CIRCUS (sic)," RGV tweeted. This is not the first time RGV gave interesting observations on the elections. Earlier, the director asked what's the need to go for the elections for a body that has no control over the industry.

After the election episode, Prakash Raj alleged that the ballot boxes were taken to the returning officer's house. As a protest against the alleged wrongdoings in the election episode, winning members in the Prakash Raj panel announced their resignations.

Mega brother Nagababu, who has been a vocal supporter of Prakash Raj in MAA elections also announced his resignation from the association. Saying that the MAA association was filled with regionalism, Nagababu resigned from his primary membership of MAA.
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