MAA Polls: Why Hyd Cops seized the footage room?

Despite the fact that the Movie Artists Association (MAA) elections are over and we have a clear winner in the election, the MAA issue is on a spree of creating controversies. Even after the elections, the issue is going through a lot of twists and turns.

At the time when the Prakash Raj panel was alleging malpractice at the time of voting and demanding for the release of the CCTV footage, Hyderabad cops stepped into the issue and reportedly seized the room where the CCTV footage from the polling date was stored.

This alleged development has raised the question that whether police seized the room after the MAA election officer refused to give the footage or is there any other reason behind this. The speculations behind the reason will go on unless the cops give an update on what happened.

Seeing the way Prakash Raj is fighting for the release of the CCTV footage, he might not leave development so easily and might use it as a weapon in his fight against the alleged malpractice in the voting process.

Earlier, Prakash Raj and his panel members have raised allegations of malpractice. They alleged that the Returning Officer took the ballot boxes to his home. Prakash Raj has written to MAA Election Officer Krishna Mohan demanding the release of the CCTV footage.
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