Jagga Reddy Issues An Apology Over His Comments!

Senior leader in Telangana Congress and current Telangana Congress Working President Jagga Reddy who earlier made sensational comments against TPCC Revanth Reddy that he is running the party like a one-man show and that practice will not work in Congress party and all the leaders should be given importance. His comments created a political storm in Telangana Congress making the top leaders in the party enter the issue and sort out the matter. The storm created by the comments was such that the state in charge of the party had to step into the matter.

Straightaway, Manickam Tagore, the in-charge of Telangana Congress had issued summons to Jagga Reddy over the issue directing him to come up with an explanation behind making such comments.

Going by the directives of Manickam Tagore, the secretaries of the All India Congress Committee(AICC) have reached out to Jagga Reddy on his comments row and sought an explanation on the same.

As a response to the same, Jagga Reddy issued an apology on the comments row and said that he is withdrawing the comments he made earlier. He said that he would sort out the issues with Revanth Reddy very soon.

Giving reason behind making the comments, Jagga Reddy said that he was not happy for not being informed about Revanth Reddy's visit to Sangareddy, his constituency. I was asked by the party to make such comments again, Jagga Reddy added.
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